-8.02 % The greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1+2) in 2022 decreased by 8.02% compared to the baseline year (2020) -0.06 % The energy intensity in 2022 decreased by 0.06% compared to the baseline year (2020) -5.3 % The water intensity in 2022 decreased by 5.3% compared to the baseline year (2020). 77.85 % The waste recycling rate in 2022 13.09 % The proportion of renewable energy adoption
2,603 individuals The cumulative number of people served through social welfare programs reached 100 % The closure rate of employee complaint channels in 2022 10 milion The amount of charitable donations in 2022 reached over 33.4 % The proportion of female executives reached 96 % The employee retention rate for outstanding performers in 2022 reached
100 % High-level executive sustainability performance goals were established in 2022 Top 6~20 % In 2022, the company governance evaluation ranked A level The TIPS A-level certification was obtained in 2022 6 meetings In 2022, the board of directors held 6 meetings ISO 27001 The ISO 27001 certification was achieved in 2022
100 % 100% of customers signed a letter of guarantee regarding harmful substances in 2022 100 % The rate of responding to customers without using conflict minerals was 100% in 2022 12 key suppliers ESG audits were completed for 12 key suppliers in 2022 95 % The ratio of suppliers signing the Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment Letter was 100 % All new suppliers in 2022 were screened based on environmental standards, with a 100% adoption rate

Sustainability outstanding performance

Environmental Sustainability
In response to the impact of climate change, we have established strategies in energy, carbon management policies, circular economy, and zero-waste production. We have set short, medium, and long-term goals to achieve environmental sustainability, committing to the mission of mitigating climate change effects.
Social Prosperity
We continue to care for the communities we are involved with, focusing on creating a friendly workplace environment internally and emphasizing social welfare and partner relationships externally. We have set short, medium, and long-term goals from within and beyond to work together towards shared prosperity in society.
Responsible Governance
By providing professional products, technology, and services, we maintain a strong profitability and revenue performance. We adopt a steady and ethical approach to business, adhering to various regulations concerning the environment, economy, and society. Our commitment to compliance allows us to create sustained economic value and strive for higher achievements in the long term.
Supplier Management
We require suppliers to comply with our sustainability policy and regulations, including the provision of guarantees related to non-use of conflict minerals and the signing of hazardous substance management policies. We conduct on-site audits for suppliers and implement improvement measures through a sustainable management framework, aiming to drive mutual growth and create greater shared value among our suppliers.
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